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Downtown Radio – ALMOST Ready to GO! Help LeValley BRING IT!

The Hive at 1 E. Toole is Fletcher McCusker’s brainchild. The Hive is located in what was once a produce warehouse. It has now been transformed into a hub and a co-workspace for entrepreneurs and includes the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship.

The Hive has something brewing in its basement that will soon emerge from the underground and penetrate Downtown and surrounding areas, including the University of Arizona. It’s not craft beer, but it will move you just the same. It’s Downtown Radio.

McCusker is well known for creating space for start-ups. This time, he’s donating space to Jason LeValley, the pioneer of Downtown Radio 99.1FM, who is getting ready to go on-air in June. Downtown Radio is a nonprofit 501c3 which is currently run by LeValley and 9 volunteers. As is the case for many small nonprofits, the search for funding continues as LeValley hopes to meet his goals by summertime.LogoWhite

Downtown Radio is not only a community sponsored station, it is also a community-minded organization. LeValley says the station’s main focus is to “serve the community” by reaching out to people who need mental health resources and education. The station has several specialty shows and will include representatives from mental health organizations who can explain the services they provide to listeners. LeValley will also implement space for disadvantaged youth to engage in creative activities.

Downtown Radio is primarily a rock station which will feature independent, local and familiar rock bands but- “You’re not gonna hear Hotel California,” LeValley says. He’s seen a trend on campus by connecting with college students at the University of Arizona, who are fans of the classic rock bands we all know and love. It’s the perfect opportunity to promote the B-sides, some of the rare recordings and early tunes that didn’t make the radio. Because when LeValley says, “rock station,” he’s talking about alternative rock. Truly alternative.

Downtown Radio will have offerings for all ages. The station will cover local and non-commercial rock and will provide a venue for people who want something different. The station’s specialty shows will include features metal, prague and psychedelic. On Sunday, LeValley will offer listeners other genres, such as jazz.

Jason LeValley is the founder and visionary for Downtown Radio. Pay it forward and donate at to help bring local, alternative radio to Downtown Tucson.

Jason LeValley is the founder and visionary for Downtown Radio. Pay it forward and donate at to help bring local, alternative radio to Downtown Tucson.

Downtown Radio will also provide public service announcements and will highlight local people who are contributing to the improvement of our community. Downtown and surrounding businesses will have the opportunity to advertise through Downtown Radio via underwriting.

For those interesting in donating to Downtown Radio, please see the website at LeValley has a way to go to meet his $20,000 goal in order to get this station up by summertime.

See the following article about Downtown Radio for more information on the challenges LeValley has overcome and the resolve he has exhibited in the quest to make his dreams come true and to bring something truly alternative and community-minded to Downtown and the surrounding areas.


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